If anyone knows how to make lemonade out of lemons it is the Queen Bey herself. Over the last few years she evolved into a revolutionary, feminist and mutha of all muthas.  Personally, I became somewhat of a fan after she released her self-titled album “Beyonce”. I was never a fan of the Bey dancing in shorts with a car in the backdrop in what looked like the desert. The self-titled album seemed realistic and once followed by Lemonade, I was sold. As much I didn’t want to like her when she was advising girls to get him to put a ring on it, I now had no choice, as she seemed to have lemonade stands pop up in every neighborhood.

As an artist and performer she is genius and clearly has few marketing gurus in her camp because they have made all the right moves.

Move #1, you had to join Tidal just to listen to Lemonade or even here a snippet. I definitely took advantage of the trial period and opted out of continuing membership. I am sure there was a few that forgot to close their account, which lead to more revenue for Tidal & Lemonade based on the negligence of the consumer.

Move #2, is probably the most clever move to date is creating a Collectors Edition box set, titled “How to Make Lemonade”. As soon as I read about the release of more lemons, a little voice inside me said I needed it. I immediately thought, wow she is really drawing this whole lemonade thing out. Anyone else I probably would have been slightly agitated about the obsession over the project as a whole. After lemonade, every girl that had been cheated on felt liberated and free. The album made us feel like she was a regular person. I even thought for a moment, she probably even uses bug spray like the rest of us have this entire summer. My entire world stopped for 5.7 seconds when I stumbled across the pre-order website for only a small price of $299.99. At that moment, I realized I got overzealous and possibly caught feelings a little too soon. Misery loves company but Beyonce didn’t RSVP after she picked that price market.

Personally, from a marketing perspective I probably would have advised to market it at a more reasonable price. Although, the Box Set is made-to-order I don’t see why $199.99 would have been more realistic for her fans. The Box Set includes never before seen pictures and double LP vinyl. At this point, a member of the Beyhive has decided to skip their Honda Civic payment and embark on the journey of making lemonade with the Queen. I get it, exclusivity really “gets the people going” but at what cost? 

Yours Truly,

Elle 🖤