Recently I caught a small glimpse of Kim Kardashian explaining to her Instagram fans that they should not be so hard on Makeup Artist, Jeffree Star and to give him a break. Let me give you a little background to this story. Jeffree Star is known for his Youtube videos and self released music on the once jumping Myspace. So from the information I gathered since I had never heard of this animated character , he apparently made some racist comments in the past that have resurfaced to current date . To be honest, I am not going to research what was said because I could care less.. it was racist , derogatory and offended others.. point blank period. Anywho , he decided to take Twitter a few days ago and make a comment about Kim Kardashian’s new swatches that she displayed on Snapchat for her fans/customers.

Well Kim K ‘s (Kardashian Klan) fans did not like that very much and the Kardashian Klan fought back with their words not to mention throwing Star’s racist words all over social media.

Kim decided to take to Instagram to defend Jeffree Star and asked her fans to back off and give him a second chance. She believes that people can change. Well that was real sweet Kim and I agree with you as well…. But the boo-boo hit the fan when the Kardashian Klan did not accept the direction that was given by their fearless leader. They felt that she had no right to protect Star as she could not understand racism as it has never been directed at her. Apparently Kim was not ready for the heat and quickly cleaned up her act. She didn’t even get out of her bed to do the retraction video. She got back on social media and apologized for protecting Jeffree and explained that she in no way could understand how it would feel for racism to be directed towards her.

Kim K Defends Star – link provided by Kylie Snaps YouTube

Kim K Retracts Statement – link provided by Kylie Snaps Youtube


So here is “The Rundown” on this mess- Although I am a huge Kim K supporter, from a branding standpoint , I truly would not have cleaned this up. I am not sure I would have given her direction to even comment on the swatch comments. Jeffree has made a name for himself in the makeup world but come on now – she is Kim K. Who in the heck cares what he thinks. Also the Kardashian Klan is sensitive and so is everyone that can’t stand her. You can not expect her to understand racism as I would as an African-American. She is married to a black man and has black children but its still not the same. I believe her fans and non fans are unrealistic. She apparently has built rapport with Jeffree which is why she defended him. She didn’t expect the back lash that she got just for doing that. Point blank – no more taking up for the unknown. It was a pointless argument. But will it affect her brand? ABSOLUTELY NOT ! Get over yourself if you thought it would. She is worth millions right along with her family and their 1,000 business ventures that will forever keep them connected to America as we know it. Understand that good and bad publicity is good for some brands… This would definitely be in the case of Kim Kardashian. She honestly seems like too good of a person for people to hate her too much or love her too little if that makes sense. We should not worry so much about what one celebrity says about the other on Twitter and in return go out and vote or something meaningful…Just something to consider.