As of August 15, 2017 three CEO’s have quit #45’s manufacturing council. One of which is one of America’s more prominent African-American CEOs, Kenneth Frazier (CEO of Merck).  Frazier’s statement was concise and direct, “America’s leaders must honor our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry and group supremacy.” After he resigned, #45 did as he usually does, throw the resigned under the bus and talk trash as if at his son’s little league championship game.

The question that has been running through my mind since he has been role playing as the “president” is, does he listen to his advisors or does he simply speak off of impulse. Does he have a publicist or is that usually handled by the communications director (two have resigned… and counting). So I did a little research for my own personal entertainment and the communications director is about as close as it gets to PR for the White House.

Now it all makes sense, he has never really had anyone to put their foot down and tell him what is best for him and it is clear he isn’t good at taking direction.  His lack of empathy towards the bigotry clearly attacking the Jewish, black and brown communities is one to be questioned especially since his daughter and son-in-law are Jewish. If he will not take a stand against the people who voted for him in defense of his own family, are we really being realistic that he could care about those who are about 5 shades darker than him? By the time he finally denounced his white supremacist fan base, it was too late. Two more CEOs decided to resign, as they all should do in order to protect the brand. As much as they hate to admit but the black, brown, LGBTQ and Jewish dollar are worth more than they know. If we were all to protest any companies related to the bigot in office then we may actually be able to make a change. Kevin Plank (Under Amour’s CEO) and Brian Krzanich (Intel’s CEO) both followed Kevin Frazier’s lead by taking a stand against the hate that was exhibited days before in Virginia. 


Your brand is everything and once these three men realized #45 may lose them potential partnerships and customers they boldly walked away. Whether or not they truly are against white supremacy is another situation but they definitely took the correct action by walking away from the train wreck that we call the President’s administration. The remaining CEO’s should follow suit if they care about their brand and the message they are sending to consumers. Although #45 finally crawled out the corner to read (like an 11 year old in front of his class) a statement clearly lacking empathy and understanding is at this point null and void. In the future, I suggest him to enroll in acting classes or consider hiring a tutor because he reading and comprehension sounded very similar to a 9 year old reading a book report his mother wrote for him the night before (with lack of interest).  

Update as of 8/15 – Two other CEOs grave since stepped down. This is becoming very entertaining …

Yours Truly,

Elle 🖤