PR GONE RIGHT! A standing ovation is in order for the PR team that represents Nicki Minaj for possibly saving face. In the past, Nicki has been known for a lot of behind the scene demolition of other female rappers career. Both Lil Kim and Remy Ma have hinted at the fact that she isn’t exactly inviting the competition over for dinner. Some of you may say, its rap and with rap comes beef between artist. I would have to agree and disagree in this case.

I feel like Nicki has reached a point in her career where she should embrace new female artist as well as pay homage to legends like Lil Kim. The moment I heard she was planting palm trees while “Bodak Yellow” played I instantly thought why? Cardi B legit has done nothing to anyone for them to throw shade so early in her career. Isn’t it possible to congratulate her on her success and still offer friendly competition? Would Nicki reach another level if she mentors new artist instead of attempting to start beef?

Recently, Nicki took to Instagram to show support for not only Cardi B but Young MA as well. Clearly her PR team, caught wind that maybe those palm trees she planted a few days ago wasn’t the look the landscaper was going for. Personally, I think as a crossover artist it is best to show a united front rather than tearing each other apart. Nicki has broken records and has become a one of the key players in the front row of Fashion Week.  So I guess the question is for real hip hop lovers, is beef necessary in the industry or is it possible for more than one female artist to be on the chart at once?

Elle 🖤