Not much to say.. this has nothing to do with branding or public image but everything to do with treating people equal regardless of anything .. I’m black so I have never been treated equally compared to someone that is of another race… it can even be down to something small… young black face with tattoos … gotta be uneducated right .. white woman clutches her purse as we stand in the elevator but all along I’m more educated then her and in a higher tax bracket … so much higher that I should clutch my purse instead.. but I’m ok with this reality. Why? Because this is my reality and has been for 35 years. Not all Caucasians are like this but for the ones that are… it almost makes the good ones non-existent. I have a platform that touches others through my business/blog therefore I will cover this as well.

Actor, Michael Rapaport pretty much summed it up in this video….. now back to your regularly scheduled programs….

T. Mack✨