Time to weigh in on this Usher mess. I think his possible STD condition has been a conversation in households, direct messages and group messages around The world. Did he really give this gawd awful STD to these people? I hate to say it but it appears that the question of if he did give it without notification vs. asking if he actually has Herpes is the most asked at this point. Poor Usher. This man has 8 Grammys and 18 Billboard Music awards not to mention many many more awards to show for his amazingness.Now I know his achievements doesn’t prove what happens in his bedroom and I’m sure most of his fan base believes they know him personally after playing his award winning album Confessions over and over again.

But all of this is false. We know nothing and that’s because Usher has said nothing. More and more people are coming out the wood-work with stories of how Usher gave them the STD from hell and Usher has yet to defend himself. All along as a Publicist – I am sitting back thinking… he got to have a publicist handling this. Someone is telling him not to respond whether it be his lawyer or his PR team. Just as I was writing this, Vibe released that Usher does not have Herpes and plans on moving forward with legal action against the accusers. From a PR standpoint, this is a day late and a dollar short. I’m assuming Usher does not have a publicist.. in this case he can’t possibly have one. No one in their right mind would have allowed him to “protect his brand” by remaining quiet while social media eats him alive . It’s literally been a contest on whom can produce the funniest meme on Instagram or Facebook.

Usher is his own brand . And his brand is under crisis… serious crisis. In a perfect world , he should have posted on social media or released a statement denying the accusations and ensuring his fans that he can be trusted . But nooo he decides to pop up and deny everything after the world has tarnished his brand . Makes no sense. Perfect crisis management would have solved all of this mess. Just address the issue and follow up accordingly. The opportunity was definitely missed for him to capitalize on this mess and explain his side of the story.

At this point, no one really cares if it’s not true or who is lying..they are enjoying the sh*t show that is occurring . Hopefully the hoopla will be as short lived as the R.Kelly scandal but who knows. Usher should hire a publicist or get his to get this under control… and fast. This is definitely the kind of publicity no one wants to have!

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Tasha Mack ✨