There are times when I wonder, exactly what takes over a C-list celebrity’s mind that makes them feel obligated to comment on other celebrities and how they choose to live their life. The first question that pops in my mind is, can they not afford a publicist? I say this because, if they had one, then they either were on vacation or hoping to get fired to receive unemployment. NFL No Huddle on TuneIn with Brian Webber, reported Stewart weighing in on Colin Kaepernicks unemployment. Any publicist would tell someone like Kordell Stewart to stay out of the Colin Kaepernick fiasco. I say this for several reasons which all lead back to demographics and poor PR direction. The only reason why I even know this man’s first and last name is because he divorced Porsha for unconfirmed reasons.

Who in their right mind would upset their so called “fan base” and what publicist would even let this go down? You may be thinking to yourself, he did have a career in the NFL prior to that but I have never seen anyone walking around with his jersey on so in my eyes his career in this case is null and void. Initially, while writing this I googled his stats to compare to Colin and after scrolling through all eleven years it still didn’t matter to me. My generation could careless how many touchdowns made or what position he actually played. The current state of race relations has us all on edge and ready to fight anyone who dares to stand against all things exuding black excellence and the progression of the oppressed (race, gender or social class).

As far as I am concerned, you would have thought common sense would have told him to not say anything after Mike Vick decided to throw a modern day black face skit about hairstyle choice. The question is still pending, where is PR in all of this? Both men were ill advised or not advised at all to remain silent on topics revolving around negative press. At this point, it is far too late to do anything; #blacktwitter has pretty much crucified you and the peanut gallery (including Mike Vick and Ray Lewis).

I would have suggested he should issue a statement as soon as possible apologizing and go sit in a corner for a few hours. This is when having a PR team pays off, this is why you need us J
Despite what they say, bad press is not always good press.

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