There is always the question of whether or not a celebrity needs PR. Is a publicist truly needed? The answer is “it depends”. How much exposure are you currently getting? What are you trying to do with your brand? Well with all that being said, Amber Rose left the internet shocked and bewildered with her post showing not only her shapely body but her womanly bush as one would say. Instagram has very strict posting rules and unfortunately for Amber, they were not feeling it and removed the picture lol. She responded to Instagram with a video explaining she was expressing her feminist feelings. 

I found this to be hilarious that she would use the word feminism to describe the above picture. Now don’t get me wrong, I am  not judgemental . She is a grown woman and can do what she pleases .. but the question I have (well I actually have many questions) is where is her publicist? Did she contact he or she before she did this or did she just think it was a good idea. Sadly enough, celebrities take advantage of social media as free range. No mam that’s not ok. Good PR would have advised this picture to be withheld from posting depending on what the direction of her brand is currently in. If Amber Rose is currently not concerned with her actions, then that’s cool. But if she puts herself in the likes of mothers all over the world, things would be a little different . The benefits of a good publicist is the honesty and awareness of what is best and what is not. It truly depends on the direction of the client. In this case, who knows what the direction maybe for Muva but without further explanation to outside fans and or enthusiast , she did not make her point. She would be better off not posting  it at all. It was all a little questionable regarding why she did it until she mentioned it as an honor to woman all over. To me that’s bull, everyone does not agree with how she is expressing herself. Don’t make it seem like we are all interested in Thot University. Is this a publicity stunt at its best? Has she not been getting the exposure she needs? 

Good or bad PR .. its still very much needed. Just be mindful boys and girls that when you post controversial pictures , be ready to have controversial conversations! But if you have a publicist ,  hopefully they will lead you im the right direction. ✌🏾🤦🏾‍♀️💜

Truly Yours,

Tasha Mack