Before we start, I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! My best wishes go to you and your closet. Now, it’s something that has been on my mind lately, which is Street Style. Street Style is basically what today’s fashion is focused on, it’s what you wear when you’re out minding your business, having fun or running errands, let’s use Rihanna for example.

Rihanna is a huge Fashion Icon right now. I honestly think she’s the Queen of the Fashion World, but that’s an opinion. She bodies EVERY single outfit she puts on, stylist or not. You would think she’s on her way to a fashion show, but no, she’s just out to have a bite, and back home.


                                (ig: @badgalriri)

Her street style has had a tight grip on fashion. I also think the fashion industry should take notes from her. When you see a new candid photo of Rihanna, she seems to set a record of not trying, a Gone with the Wind fashion sense. That’s very uncommon in fashion today. Everything today looks, cloned, repeated, and old, and that’s the exact opposite of what fashion was made for.


Everyone has a Street Style, mine just happens to consists of a lot of black.


                        (ig: @jairusrobertson)


This is why Street Style is so important to the fashion world, because we all shouldn’t look like clones.


Your Stylist,