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For the last few months many of us have been faced with the dilemma to charge our phones or listen to Apple music. If you happen to live in a cave, let me catch you up to speed; in September 2016 the iPhone 7 was released without a headphone jack. Majority of iPhone users went crazy, what can I say we don’t do well with change. The idea of not being able to listen to your favorite Drake song via the auxiliary cord rocked the avid iPhone user’s world.


Apple’s solution was simple; use the headphones provided with the phone when not charging it or purchase the newly released Airpods. I would have assumed the majority, like me, would have purchased the wireless beats by dre to avoid future dilemmas.

According to, the Airpods are unavailable in every Apple store. The question is; did that many people really go buy them or did Apple underestimate the demand for the product? Convenience was definitely sold separately in more ways than one on this iPhone release. Still no word from Apple on when we can expect to see these back in stores.

By: Elle