There are so many truths that I have learned from running my own business. I have learned a lot about myself as well. First, I know that I would much rather work for myself then someone else. Now don’t get me wrong, I still work for someone else while I am building my empire. It’s a freedom like no other. The decisions I make don’t go through a channel of people who then make the final decision… the list could go on but I won’t. Second , if you are a tad bid creative and have a passion in something , then you should follow your heart. If you are savvy in a particular industry, build on what you need to do to make it in that industry.

 Ballyhoo Va is owned by my sister and myself, we work well together and seem to specialize in various things to help us grow our business . We have been blessed as we have consistent clients that we advise and provide services for all the time. This does not happen all the time, start up companies can start up slow… and I mean slow. If you are starting your business to make money and quit your job, that’s not happening right now. So just get that out of your head. You will have to put in just as much work as you put in when you go to your 9 to 5 to get this going. You will stay up late, you will change your mind and you will feel failed at times … but all in all… it’s your business. You can feel that way.

 My current obstacle is being a buisness woman  (of my own business) and being a mom. Not to mention that my business is one that provides a service.. which means I have to provide the service to others and build our brand.. smh not easy to do at all. But it will get done because I am my own boss. I figured I would start this series of blog entry’s called “Life of an Entrepreneur” to put you in my shoes. Hopefully my readers can learn a little something from me and I can learn something by the process as well. My main goal as I leave 2016 is to build my brand while building my clients brand .. provide more stats and more exposure for my clients. I have a lot to do with only a few days left in the year and an entirely new year in front of me. Oh one more plus of being your own boss!! How could I forget?!? I get to work in the bed… in the car .. at the gym . That is actually one of the best parts lol. 

Before I leave you until next time, I will say that there are not enough hours in the day. I am proof! I somehow squeeze 9 million tasks into 24 hours … Ha! Not saying that they were all accurate and completed tasks but I tried.. let me stop before you take me serious. Manage your time wisely good people . It’s going to workout for the both of us.
Until next time…..
Tasha Mack