Let’s get straight into this. As you may know, when a new season approaches, new ideas of fashion approach also. But as I would say, “New Season, New Me, New Fashion.” The colors of Nude, and Olive have crept up on us and partnered up with the Iconic Color of Black.

Color isn’t the only thing running our closets this season, it’s fit. You’re living under a rock if you don’t know that Oversized Long-sleeve and Short-Sleeve T-shirts, Flannels, and a pair of ripped skinny jeans is what’s in. This Style is inspired by Kanye West, the bleached shirts, oversized rock band t-shirts, camouflage, chokers, ripped garments. It’s all to create a dark, rugged look, something that you won’t see on a regular basis. It’s a trend in fashion that everyone can add their own style into, that’s what makes this trend so unique, different and inspiring. P.S. – this style is very comfortable, surprisingly.

Teyana Taylor seems to be your perfect example. (instagram: @teyanataylor)

That’s not the only style that’s around. The old all black outfit, or all denim outfits are still hanging in there for any occasion. My personal favorite is a denim outfit with any color shoes. But, my family knows how I am about an all black outfit. Something about matching the color of your top and bottoms with a different color shoes, or jacket screams simplicity to me. The fun and unique thing about this style is you can either dress it up, or dress it down. No matter who puts on this outfit, no one looks exactly the same, make it your own.


(Instagram: @bkflynest)

A perfect example of an all Denim Outfit.

The current trend of chokers has officially taken over how women dress today also. It seems as though there is a choker for each outfit, no matter if you are going to pick up a package after getting up an10 minutes ago, or going out to a major event. A CHOKER IS NECESSARY!

Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) was an easy target. She’s one of the people who started this trend back up, with the help of her big sister Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian). She wears the choker so effortlessly, dressed up or down.


By : Jai

“Just an unfriendly 17 year old, black boy who loves the color black.”

(Instagram: @jairusrobertson)