karmaAs a new business owner, I am learning quite a bit. I am learning that people do not support those that are doing well or want to do well. Everyone has to start somewhere right? It is not easy to start from the bottom and work your way up to where you truly want to be but you can not get there if you don’t do one thing that is most important ….. and that is to work. You have to be on your grind and work hard in the process. Of course, you will be doing most of this on your own but if you are possibly surrounded around people that could lend a helping hand and give you an extra push or even just words of wisdom, life would be easier. Well folks, that’s where the problem is. No one is willing to assist anyone else. I am not sure if its because of fear that the next man may get ahead or the true American way that sharing is too much caring if that makes sense.

I believe that everything we do is based on karma. It will all come back to you. For example, one of my Facebook friends posted something regarding needing assistance with starting a blog. Although I am not anything but a Facebook Friend, I reached out via personal message and gave a few tips. My business, BHVA PR, assists with this very thing and charges other business owners but in this case I did not think it would hurt to give him some guidance. The very next day , my business was blessed with another client. Karma my friends. I can only hope that this makes sense. That you understand that by sharing what you have learned or what you know will truly be a treasure to the next person.

I will tell you that I have learned that with consistent work and saturation of your market – you will be able to make a name for yourself. But there is just one important aspect of it all. You can NOT give up. You are NOT able to take a few days off . Your business/brand is your baby. You must think of it as your  livelihood for the next few years until your goal is reached. It is the days that you thought the worst about your decisions to take this on that will matter the most. On these days, you will see that you will become stronger than ever.Also , do not allow those individuals in your circle to deter your journey or the speed of this journey. It is crazy how negative Nancy’s will pop up. They pop up in the weirdest places such as your text message, your voicemail, Facebook and more… Be aware and stay focused. We will get to where we are supposed to be and that is a place of greatness.



Tasha Mack

Co,CEO – Ballyhoo VA

Instagram: @tashamackpr

Twitter : @prballyhoo