I love iOS updates!! One or two things could happen, the update can work and you will get pretty cool updates to your phone or it could not work and your phone be jacked up. I would prefer the greater option but I have heard this happen to many people unfortunately. 
Recently , Apple released its much talked about iOS 10. I was one of those that was very anxious to download the new software. The internet was excited as well. Social media buzzed with talk about the new software left and right. What does it include? 

First is the Apple Music redesign where you will be able to sing along to the music by the provided words given to you during the song. There is also an option called the “Discovery Mix” based on your taste of music.

Secondly, the emojis are now suggested to you while you are typing . Third , the Control Center and how it’s presented has changed. According to Forbes , “The Photos app in iOS 10 will show you people that appears the most under the “People” section of the app. Apple’s advanced deep learning techniques supports facial recognition on iOS done locally within the device, thus ensuring rapid object and scene recognition processing. Around 11 billion computations are calculated per photo to detect objects such as mountains, beaches, dogs and horses.”

Also a pretty fun addition was the creation of the iMessage app with many cool options within the app. This is just to name a few.

I stayed up all night downloading the software and am currently using it. Seems to be smooth and fresh . Can’t wait to see all of the many features pop up in my daily use. Have you downloaded it yet?? Thoughts?! Enjoy!

Written by : Tasha Mack

IG: Tashamackpr | SC:mztmagnificent