Apologize, a word meaning to express regret for something that one has done wrong. As a human being you will do something that requires you to apologize. Some acts require a simple “I’m sorry” and others take years to make right. Over the past year and half America has begun a new civil rights movement. The cause can be pointed to a long list of awful acts committed by police officers towards African-American. As with most change over the course of history it has been through the oppression of others that radical change takes place. Lately though it seems that history in America continues to repeat itself. Injustices that have plagued our nation for years continue to do so. If you’re like me, you have seen and read all of the social media post and followed several news outlets as to what is the root cause of our problems.Let’s look at the TRUE root of the problem.

The racial divided started in 1619 in Jamestown, VA. This was where the first slaves came to the United States and became a staple of American life for the next 200 plus years. Now i’m not going to go through ALL the horrible aspects of slavery, that would take too long but what I will say is this. What other race lives with the mark of this atrocity EVERYDAY?

You realize that for most African Americans, even our last name is a constant reminder that we were once owned by the “Johnson” family or the “Smith” family, or in my case the “Haley” family. So when people say we should all just move on, let’s remember that fact.We must move on though. As a people we have to continue to grow and use the horrible institution of slavery as motivation to do better. For the most part we have. Black folk in this country have worked hard to gain wealth and status. Our contributions to this country are too numerous to mention all of them in this short blog. In spite of a nation that we want to love but never truly loves us back, see the fact we didn’t get equal rights till 1965, we STILL push forward. Now I know some may feel that we as Black folk do things to hold ourselves back. Such as gun violence, drugs, and not valuing education. These individuals who would point to these items neglect to point out the sources of these items, such as lack of resources, horrible drug enforcement laws, and continued deterioration of our schools. Yet, in spite of all that we push forward.

What’s missing in this equation is simply an apology. Now I know some say, what’s that gonna do? I think it starts the true healing that this country needs. It shows that America gets it, they get how slavery forced black people in America to be survivors. They get how slavery strippped Black peole of our language, home, religion, and traditions. They get how slavery divided families. Now you may or may not know that in 2009 the Senate did issue an apology for slavery and even the House of Representatives. Of course this apology came with conditions that African American could not use this as a means of reparations of any kind. While Japanese Americans were given a formal apology by the office of the President of the United States during the Reagan Administration, and were paid restitution for their treatment during WW II.

So to this day African American have not been given a true apology by the Office of the President of the United States. A true apology, unconditional and empathetic. This would show that America truly acknowledges the effect slavery has had on the largest minority in this country. Baby steps to a true healing process. Just think about it, if someone harmed you, could you begin to forgive them if they never said sorry? Or even worse, told you to simply, get over it. Of course not, and this is no different. So in the words of Chris Rock “America is the greatest country in the world! But as Black folk you gotta look at America a little different. America is the uncle that paid your way through college but also molested you!”

Blog by: Bakari Haley of NPkicks757

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