What does passion look like? What does it take to turn your dreams into reality? Well I think we all have some image of what this looks like. It’s the American dream right? You work really really hard and at some point, your hard work will pay off into success. Reality will tell you this couldn’t be wronger. There are those you put in the work but never get their pot of gold. It takes more than simply wanting to be successful or even working really hard at your dreams. In order to capture success, you have to like being told “NO”! That’s right you have to like being told NO, because without failure you will never get the lessons that they afford you. This spirit and attitude has pushed many great entrepreneur to turn their dream into reality.

The same can be said for CEO of Lake fashion Anthony Cargill. A young businessman based out of Norfolk, VA. Norfolk, VA is not the first place you think of when talking about fashion. Take a deeper look tough and you would discover that many fashion brands were started in or call Norfolk home. Besides Pusha T’s Play clothes line not to many are known worldwide for having roots in Norfolk. Lake Fashion looks to be the exception to that rule. Cargill has a deep love for Norfolk and looks to be the standard bearer for all others after him. Lake Fashion was born on September 10th, 2013, which is also the birthdate of Cargill’s son. Using the birth of his son as extra motivation, Cargill laid the foundation for LAKE.

In a recent interview , Cargill explained that he used the knowledge obtained from reading books on fashion and entrepreneurship to get started. One specific book “What makes the Great Great” by Dennis P. Kimbro, Ph.D. holds a special place in the heart of Cargill. No man is an island so, Cargill enlisted the guidance and mentorship of FSHOA (FutureSneakerHeadsOfAmerica), another successful company based locally in Hampton Roads. Always good to lean on the experience of others to aid in your development. Next step Cargill broke down the the three things a successful brand has, an eye catching logo, an unforgettable slogan, and a household name. LAKE, Looking Artistic Kreates Energy, a household name that can inspire individuals to live their dreams. The slogan “Catch the Wave” goes hand in hand with the energy of the company. A powerful force that either you ride or get buried under. The logo, designed by Akoo, T.I.’s fashion line, created a brand that transcends people of all ages and backgrounds.

In a few short years, since LAKE has been established, Cargill and his team continue to grow the brand. LAKE can be found locally at Solefood Kicks in Virginia Beach, 2720 N. Mall Dr. Ste. 156. The website http://www.lake-fashion.com is also where you can go to purcahse clothing. Deeper than that, the domain name shows that LAKE is bigger than just clothes. LAKE Fashion implies a lifestyle that continues to grow side by side with its customers. Be on the lookout as well for LAKE’s new fall line “Achieve Collection” LAKE is in the process of opening their own store in Norfolk as well. Motivated by the naysayers and doubters Cargill continues to push forward. In five years, Cargill sees the company as not just an urban brand but a universal one. In the same spirit of POLO, he sees the brand for people of all ages and walks of life. Whether you are going to school, kicking back with your friends, or dressing for success, LAKE will be your one stop shop for fashion. The true passion of LAKE comes from the community. Cargill wants to build a brand that inspires others from Norfolk. So they can see that a kid from their world can make it. You too can come from humble beginnings, blaze a trail for your family, and leave a legacy to your children. Catch The Wave!!
Blog by: Bakari Haley of NPkicks757

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