iphone-7-and-iphone-7-pro-deep-blue-1024x576It’s about that time of the year again for Apple to bless us with yet another iPhone. Rumor has it, the phone will be released in September. So what is so different about this one? Everything from the screen size to the hardware has changed. The new iPhone 7 will have a radical dual lens camera, two external speakers and a smart connector. Oddly enough when looking at the model there seems to be no port for headphones, which makes me think Bluetooth will be users only option. iPhone users will still get the option to go bigger and better with the iPhone plus (or pro).  The most aesthetic feature yet is the new color option of blue, which I am assuming will be the color of choice this year.

Allow me to be the first to warn you when you pop open your new iPhone box and realize there is no “Home” button. There have been talks about Apple getting rid of it or it will have a touch capacitive feature. Macbook users will be familiar with this because the same technology used on the mouse pad for the Macbook will be used on the “Home” screen. Users will simply have to graze the button to activate any form of movement.  If the phone ends up being anything like the rumors say, I have a feeling it will be the best iPhone version we have seen thus far.