If you are thinking of running a business, please review the below essentials first.

1. How bad do you really want to move forward? I know that may sound like a silly question but it’s quite accurate. Many people like the sound of being known as a CEO, a boss or the head honcho. But there are so many intricate pieces to running a business that should be evaluated before moving forward. It will take lots of time. When you want to go to bed or eat a brownie on the drop of a dime- you may not be able to . You may have directives or priorities that need to be handled . Also if you still have a 9 to 5 where you work for somebody other than yourself, you will have to make time for your business and building your brand. If you aren’t able to manage this, you may not want it bad enough or it maybe bad timing.

2. Patience. This is essential to building a business. Depending on what you are offering through your business, you may have to build clientele and this will take time. You will have dry spells and you have to allow this to happen. Be careful and don’t jump the gun because nothing is happening. It will work itself out.

3. Work smarter not harder- it is essential to be as effective as possible. For example, create a business plan to assist you in knowing where your next steps will be and your ultimate goal. You also will need policies and procedures to help you run your business and stay consistent.

4. Go digital- The paper days are long gone!! Make sure everything is digital! If you ever hire a team of people to help you, you want to make sure they can transcribe what you need.

5. Social Media is a must. You have to use social media as either a marketing tool or main hub of your business. It is what it is.. There are tons of You tube videos and Ebooks to assist or you can hire Ballyhoo VA (shameless plug)
Overall, these are the essentials of starting your business. Without these things, you may want to stick to your 9 to 5 🙂 Good luck!
Tasha Mack


Blogger and Social Media Maven

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