img_1761You can pretty much find the advantages of using social media for your business anywhere on the internet. The truth is, there are a few risk companies should be aware of before embarking on big social media campaigns.

1.       If you have employees that often post about sales or promotions for your company, it is important that their personal page content is aligning with the company’s values. It is best to have some type of social media regulations for employees explaining the importance of keeping personal pages private and refrain from posting about job related topics on their page. The misconception that the employee’s beliefs are those of the company can cause a great deal of problems. If you would like to utilize social media and allow your employees to post, an ideal strategy would be to create accounts specifically for employees to use while at work to inform other of special events, promotions or tips on using the product.

2.       A breach of security is a major problem when using social media. Viruses, brand theft and malware can all take place when social media is in use. It is important you have preventive measures and a crisis management plan in action when you use any of the social media channels.

3.       Negative comments on your social media page can often deter new customers to buy your product or service. It is essential to monitor the comments and engage with happy and unhappy customers. Sometimes all it takes is a little attention to turn a customer’s bad experience around. There is no better way than to do it in front of the entire social media world. If you allow negative comments to spread like wildfire, it will only make customers second guess using your product or service.