As I sit here and think about what to write to keep my brand and myself relevant (shameless plug), I realize that the reason I have my own company is because I took a risk. I accepted the fact that change was needed. Now if you are anything like me, you do not truly want to go through the process of change. You would love for things to go well. You would love to wave a magic wand and just like that it would all be changed. I am the same way. Until I realized that I wanted to achieve my dreams more than I wanted to be unrealistic.
It is unrealistic to think that with change comes immediate results. I have news for you. Its not possible. But what is possible is change. But you have to be the change. The change has to start with you. NOTHING will change if you can’t admit what needs to be changed and then actually do something about. Be patient in the process. Patience is the first most important piece of this process. Often times when us humans (lol) want to see change, we are not patient and then we give up. We tell ourselves that this was not meant to be and that it will not work out. Welp, great job in talking yourself out of change.

Change can be applied to one million things. Change can be applied to relationships, business , life choices and much more. In my case it was business, I wanted to start my own business with my sister as my business partner. I wanted us to be able to eventually work independently without the help of our 9 to 5 jobs and love what we do. We love helping people and watching it all come together.

What I have learned that I can pass along to others is that you have to work on yourself personally first. Are you motivated? Can you stay motivated? Usually, the answer is no lol. I would have said No as well a few months ago. But I surrounded myself with positive reinforcements. I monitored my network of friends and ensured I was being supported by the best group of people. I made sure I knew everything about the business I was going into. Last but not least, I accepted the fact that this was going to take time to all fall in place. I was going to be the rock and foundation of my personal dream.

Know that you are not alone but you will be EXACTLY what you want to be if you Be the change. Good Luck.

Tasha Mack

Co-CEO, Ballyhoo VA