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It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, you will have to brand yourself in some way shape or form. It is important to understand (depending on what your business is about) that you are the face of your business . This can mean so many things at so many phases of your journey. Most businesses utilize social media. This can be a major influence if a customer is interested in working with you.   Let’s break it down in a very simple form.


If you are in the business in which you are your own brand (for example – life coach, fitness instructor or more), you may want to have a professional Facebook page and a personal Facebook page. The professional Facebook page can be in the form of a like page or a personal page. Just ensure the average customer can have full access to this page. The customer should be able to access your website and contact information. If they are unable to, you possibly just lost some revenue. Also, if you decide to only have a personal page because your business has just started, be very mindful of what you put on your page at all times. I understand it’s your page but be mindful that this could possibly be the first impression. You want it to be a good impression. Do not post anything that you wouldn’t want to share with your boss or your grandmother lol. Allow the potential customer to leave your page with a refreshing feeling that you are a good person.


This is a bit easier than Facebook. Business owners that have professional pages should always and I mean always remain public. Private pages are harder to tag when sharing a post with friends and more. Also- hashtags are golden when promoting your brand. Research which hashtags are used the most that are slightly related to your brand at minimum and use them frequently.

Ballyhoo Va Tip: Save your hashtags in your notes (on your phone). This will allow you to copy and paste when posting to Instagram.
Just be cautious about what you put on the World Wide Web. It can be duplicated and reposted and possibly hurt your business. Always go the high road and be professional even in your personal post.